R-304 is a Northrop Grumman specification for 6Al-4V special processes calling for “STRAIGHTENING TITANIUM FORGINGS AND EXTRUSIONS”


Northrop Grumman is an Aerospace and Defense company famous for the B-2 Spirit Bomber, and more recently its unmanned aircraft RQ-4.


Like other Major Tier 1 Aerospace companies, Northrop Grumman has special quality approvals for the procurement of Titanium. R-304 is a quality specification for STRAIGHTENING TITANIUM FORGINGS AND EXTRUSIONS


What is straightening?


Sometimes material may be requested that is not readily available. Your customer may be requesting .68″dia round bar when the nearest available size is .75″dia. To achieve the smaller diameter you may need to grind material down to achieve this size which will require straightening afterwords.