AMS 5862

15-5 Ph per AMS 5862 Steel, Corrosion-Resistant, Sheet, Strip, and Plate, 15Cr – 4.5Ni – 0.30Cb (Nb) – 3.5Cu, Consumable Electrode Remelted, Solution Heat Treated, Precipitation-Hardenable


15-5 PH per AMS 5862 stainless steel is a martensitic precipitation-hardening stainless steel with approximately 15% Chromium and 5% Nickel. It has high strength, high hardness, and excellent corrosion resistance. Strength can be further increased by a single low temperature heat treatment. 



Compared to 17-4 PH, it offers better transverse toughness and ductility; better mechanical properties in larger cross-sections, and better forgeability. It is readily weldable. It can be machined in any of the several Thermal Conditions available to this grade