BMS7-189 is a BOEING specification for PH 13-8 Mo calling for “BAR & FORGINGS. HEAT & CORROSION RESISTANT ALLOY, IRON BASE, 13 Cr, 8 Ni, 1 Al, 2.25 Mo (Ph 13-8 Mo)”


BMS stands for “Boeing Material Specification” and originate from Boeing’s headquarters in Seattle, WA. For more information on BMS7-189 please refer to:

D1-4426 Approved Process Lists



As a Tier 1 Aerospace company, Boeing holds its subcontractors to the same standards by ensuring they source Ph 13-8 Mo per BMS7-189 from approved sources. This creates accountability and ensures the highest quality standards are achieved in the manufacturing process. An excerpt from Boeing’s quality website states the following:

Our commitment to steady, long-term improvement in our products and processes is the cornerstone of our business strategy. Maintaining customer satisfaction and enhancing shareholder value are mutual goals of both Boeing and its suppliers. To achieve these objectives, we must continuously work together to improve the overall efficiency and productivity of our design, manufacturing, administrative and support organizations.

Fighter Jet Metals works with Mills and Forge Houses to maintain the BMS7-189 specification for PH 13-8 Mo. If you are currently managing a project that requires BMS7-189 please reach out to us so we can assist.