6Al-2Sn-4Zr-2Mo (6-2-4-2) Titanium

6Al-2Sn-4Zr-2Mo Titanium (also known as 6-2-4-2 Titanium) is an alpha-beta titanium alloy capable of being heat treated to higher strengths in greater section sizes that 6Al-4V. Widely used in forged components, 6-2-4-2 beta forged material has enhanced strength, ductility and a combination of good low-cycle fatigue and fatigue-crack growth resistance. This alloy is used in the intermediate compressor stages of turbine engines for disks and blades, seals and for airframe parts.

Applications of 6Al-2Sn-4Zr-2Mo

In the fuselage, 6Al-2Sn-4Zr-2Mo may be used in the manufacture of various structural components, such as beams, frames, and stringers. These components help to give the fuselage its strength and stiffness and are responsible for resisting loads and stresses that are imposed on the aircraft during flight.

6Al-2Sn-4Zr-2Mo Round Bar diameters range from 0.125″ to 14.00″ diameter.



  •  – GE B50TF21
  •  – GE B50TF22
  •  – GE C50TF7