Fighter Jet Metals is one of the leading providers in forging Titanium, Stainless Steel, and other Exotic metals in the Aerospace industry. For long term projects with at least a 5 week lead time and a minimum of 1,500 pounds, Fighter Jet Metals knows exactly how to vertically integrate the supply chain by sourcing Ingot, forging it to your needs, inspecting it for quality, and ensuring safe delivery.


Forging, Forging, FIGHTER JET METALS


Forging is broken down into both Open Die and Closed Die.


Forging, Forging, FIGHTER JET METALS


Open Die is simply taking an Ingot and forging to Bar, Rectangle/Flat Bar, and other simple shapes.


Closed Die is a little more complex in the fact that it requires a molded shape.


Fighter Jet Metals provides Forging to specific specifications for major Tier 1 Aerospace companies specifications.

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