AMS Specifications under AS9120 / ISO 9001 Quality

The Aerospace industry (Commercial) is constantly evolving with a focus on high performance alloys combined with stricter sourcing guidelines. It is not uncommon to see major OEMs require their own version of specifications derived from the SAE handbook.

Fighter Jet Metals works to understand these requirements while improving the process of sourcing Titanium, Stainless Steel, and Nickel per OEM requirements.

Domestic, DFARS, and to "Buy American"

The Department of Defense relies heavily on small businesses to provide materials to the War Fighter and Fighter Jet Metals is always standing by ready to provide all of the necessary materials to the proper AMS, ASTM, and MIL (Military) specifications as required.

When supplying to the Defense market, Fighter Jet Metals knows and understands how important it is to the end user to ensure traceability to conform to DFARS and “Buy American” requirements.

Space Grade Materials

With strict project timelines and even harsher quality requirements, Fighter Jet Metals works with customers in the space market to deliver access to high performance inventory with next generation processing capabilities, Industry leading quality approvals, Long-term contract stability and sourcing of non-standard items, Custom stocking programs that provide flexibility and reduce inventory expense, Competitive pricing and quick material access through Fighter Jet Metals buying power. 

Fighter Jet Metals is one of the leading providers in forging Titanium, Stainless Steel, and other Exotic metals in the Marine and Naval industries.

Based on our past performance of working with the Navy, our customers get their material with all applicable MIL (Military) specifications required.

Whether the end use is Level 1 (Navy) or just a basic ship repair requiring steel plate, our team is able to provide solutions that shorten lead times and return the war fighter to its original state.

Medical device technology has rapidly changed over the last decade to yield new solutions to treating patients.

Whether the tools are in Laser Optics, surgical drills, or CNC finished parts, Fighter Jet Metals strives to provide high-quality surface finished metals with medical use in mind.

Driven by aging and inefficient fossil power plants, as well as environmental pollution concerns and volatility in gas prices, a world-wide renaissance is emerging for the construction of new nuclear power plants for base-load electrical power generation.

With a focus in high temperature alloys that are corrosion resistant, Fighter Jet Metals has a wide variety of Nickel Alloys that meet the requirements of the power generation sector. 

With our headquarters being based in Florida, Fighter Jet Metals has seen what hurricanes can do to structurally disadvantaged buildings.

Steel and Aluminum will continue to be the priority in construction materials for years to come. Metal provides a sleek, clean look, striking beauty, and much more versatility than its counterparts. 

Drilling for crude oil, as well as the production, processing, storage and transportation of oil, inflicts huge stresses and corrosion on the metals used in the industry.

These metals have to withstand:

  • – Temperatures higher than 1,100 degrees Fahrenheit in oil processing plants
  • – Acid-bearing fluids used during drilling operations
  • – Oil from the ground containing substances such as sulfur and hydrogen sulfide corroding into the tubing through which they flow.
  • – Corrosion in pipelines


Despite our name, Fighter Jet Metals sources materials with NACE MR0175 and ISO 15156 standards.

In 2015, the Fédération Internationale de l’Automobile (FIA) stated that they were committed to adding titanium to skid blocks for safety. Before Titanium was used, heavy metals were found to slow cars down, detach from vehicles easily, and cause damage on the track with the potential to fly off and hit drivers or bystanders. The Titanium skid blocks of the future Formula 1 have proven to be better contained while leading to higher performance for drivers. 

An added benefit is the sparks that fly on occasion which adds to the excitement of the sport. 

If your racing team is looking to create a custom program in titanium skid plates (with materials research for performance advantage) please contact us at sales@fighterjetmetals.com