US Military Material Specifications

In the early 1990’s, US Secretary of Defense, William J. Perry, was at the forefront of military specification reform. Perry encouraged the military to use Non-Government Standards and do away with outdated military specifications, asserting that doing so would reduce government oversight and lower costs. 

Fighter Jet Metals works to ensure that material sourced for Military projects are compliant to the Department of Defense’s quality standards. If you don’t see a specification that you’re looking for please go to our Request A Quote page and share your requirements on your upcoming projects


Military Material Specifications List

Federal Supply Class 4710: Stainless Steel Tubing

Federal Supply Class 9510: Alloy Steel Bar

Federal Supply Class 9510: Stainless Steel Bar

Federal Supply Class 9515: Stainless Plate, Sheet, Strip, Foil

Federal Supply Class 9515: Structural Steel Plate & Sheet

Federal Supply Class 9530: Nonferrous Base Bars & Rods

Federal Supply Class 9535: Nonferrous Base Plate, Sheet, & Strip