Hastelloy X per Snecma / Safran DMD 491-23

REQUEST QUOTE Hastelloy X SNECMA / SAFRAN Specification for Hastelloy X Bars and Forgings under AMS 5754   HASTELLOY X per DMD 491-23 is a wrought nickel base alloy with excellent high temperature strength and oxidation resistance. All of the product forms are excellent in terms of forming and welding. Although HASTELLOY X is primarilyContinue reading “Hastelloy X per Snecma / Safran DMD 491-23”

AMS 5536

REQUEST QUOTE HASTELLOY X per AMS 5536 Nickel Alloy, Corrosion and Heat-Resistant, Sheet, Strip, and Plate, 47.5Ni – 22Cr – 1.5Co – 9.0Mo – 0.60W – 18.5Fe, Solution Heat Treated   The AMS 5536 specification covers Hastelloy X, corrosion and heat-resistant nickel alloy in the form of sheet, strip, and plate  https://youtu.be/J37ZOKD344I REQUEST QUOTE HASTELLOYContinue reading “AMS 5536”