LAT 1-9018

REQUEST QUOTE LAT 1-9018 is a Liebherr Aerospace specification for Maraging 250   Maraging 250 (AMS 6512) is an age-hardenable iron-nickel steel. Maraging 250 combines ultra-high strength (1800MPa), good toughness, readily machinable in pre-aged condition, excellent transverse properties and resistance to crack propagation. Maraging C250 is used for missile and ejector systems, slat tracks andContinue reading “LAT 1-9018”


REQUEST QUOTE MARAGING C350 per MIL-S-46850 is a nickel maraging steel which contains Cobalt as the primary strengthening agent.   Maraging 350 has excellent mechanical properties, workability and heat treatment characteristics. Maraging 350 is used for missile and rocket motor cases, landing and takeoff gear components, high performance shafting, gears and fasteners. MIL-S-46850 is aContinue reading “MIL-S-46850”