DMS 2006

REQUEST QUOTE DMS 2006 is a Boeing Material Specification for NICKEL BASE ALLOY (625) SHEET & FOIL Nickel 625 (UNS N06625) is a nickel-chromium-molybdenum alloy with an addition of niobium. The addition of molybdenum acts with the niobium to stiffen the alloy matrix, providing a high strength without a strengthening heat treatment. The alloy resistsContinue reading “DMS 2006”

DMS 2081

REQUEST QUOTE DMS 2081 is a BOEING specification for NICKEL 718 calling for “NICKEL BASE ALLOY 718 SHEET & FOIL, BRAZEABLE ” Previous Next DMS specifications originate from Boeing’s Long Beach facility under D1-4426 Approved Process Lists.   Why does your project callout specification  DMS 2081?   Boeing holds its subcontractors to the same standards by ensuring theyContinue reading “DMS 2081”

B50T1181C S12 AMD#2

REQUEST QUOTE A286 SHEET METAL per GE Aviation Specification B50T1181C S12 AMD#2   A286 SHEET METAL per GE Aviation Specification B50T1181C S12 AMD#2 is an iron-nickel-chromium alloy with additions of molybdenum and titanium. A 286 is one of the most popular high temperature alloys. As one of the austenitic alloys it maintains good strength andContinue reading “B50T1181C S12 AMD#2”


REQUEST QUOTE LIVE STOCK LIST BMS 7-240 is a 15-5 PH Boeing Material Specification for “15-5PH (UNS S15500) SHEET, PLATE, AND STRIP”  15-5 PH per AMS 5862 stainless steel is a martensitic precipitation-hardening stainless steel with approximately 15% Chromium and 5% Nickel. It has high strength, high hardness, and excellent corrosion resistance. Strength can beContinue reading “BMS7-240”

BAC 5616

BAC 5616 is a Boeing Specification regarding the “HEAT TREATMENT OF NICKEL-BASE AND COBALT-BASE ALLOYS”   With regards to D1-4426 Quality Process Lists, Fighter Jet Metals can help you to ensure that you procure and source the correct material that has been heat treated to BAC 5616. Please visit our Request For Quote page and let usContinue reading “BAC 5616”

AMS 5537

REQUEST QUOTE L605 per AMS 5537 Cobalt Alloy, Corrosion and Heat-Resistant, Sheet, Strip, Foil, and Plate 52Co – 20Cr – 10Ni – 15W Solution Heat Treated The AMS 5537 specification covers L605 corrosion and heat-resistant cobalt alloy in the form of sheet, strip, foil, and plate.

AMS 5536

REQUEST QUOTE Technical Information for Hastelloy X per AMS 5536 Hastelloy X per AMS 5536 is a nickel-chromium-iron-molybdenum alloy with outstanding strength and oxidation resistance at temperatures to 2200°F (1200°C). Matrix stiffening provided by the molybdenum content results in high strength in a solid-solution alloy having good fabrication characteristics. Used in gas turbines, industrial furnaces,Continue reading “AMS 5536”